365 Pens Project – How to join 100 other pen turners to showcase your handcrafted pens.

365 Pens Project is Live!

The team here at Pen Turning Network is super excited to be a part of the 365 Pens Project. Over the years I’ve seen so many great pen designs and display of craftsmanship from you, the pen makers. We’ve loved to have you join us on this fun journey of showcasing 365 pens from over 100 pen artisans in a national publication titled 365 Pens.

Visit 365pens.com and click on the About button to learn more.

Thank you.

Tim McGill

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Pen turner, pen designer, custom pen artist, writer, publisher, father, husband, avid book reader, office man, outdoorsman, handyman, runner....these are just a few of the things that define me.

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