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  1. Sgt Bill Ahlgren USMC

    Thanks you for your wonderful book, The Pen Turner’s Bible.

    I could be on the path of Richard Kleinhenz when it comes from starting at zero and working my way up to the kind of craftsman Richard turned out to be when it comes to making some of the most beautiful pens I have ever seen.

    I am hooked and quickly working my way into the craft because of Richard.

    I joined a turning Club at The Villages in Florida about a year and a half ago and have made the lathe my tool of choice and since then have been working to improve my skills in our 8,000 + sq. ft. workshop that among other tools houses about a dozen floor lathes and some smaller tabletop Jet lathes.

    While I have made many things I am now learning to make pens and am just at the starting gate.

    Richard Kleinhenzhas given me the inspiration with the beauty he has created and a man I saw named Eddie Castelin has given me direction. That direction is a national project named “Freedom Pens”. A project where people like myself donate our time and tools along with the materials such as blanks and pen mechanisms which are made into beautiful pens of all kinds and then sent to our fighting men and women around the world. I look forward to helping my brothers with my new talents and providing them with a one of a kind item that hey will carry with them where ever they go.


    I want my first donation to The Freedom Pens Program to be really special!! I would like to make and donate two dozen of Richard Kleinhenz’s beautiful white and blue Acrilic pen that can be found on the back of The Pen Turner’s Bible back cover.

    Only one major problem !!!

    I need you to help me find out the name of the blank that was used to produce the masterpiece and how I might obtain a couple dozen of the from whom ever might have them??

    I would really appreciate it if you could provide me the help I need to get started working with the Freedom Pens project.

    Thanks in advance for your help and if you could copy Richard on this also I would greatly appreciate it.

    My info:

    Bill Ahlgren

    • tim_mcgill

      Hi Bill, I agree with your comments on Richard’s book. I only have the Kindle version so I’m not able to see the back cover. I sent on your comments and questions to Richard and will let you know when I hear from him. You might also post your question on Facebook group Pen Turning Supplies

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