Flame laser pen kit

Turned Flame laser pen kit purchased from Woodturningz. Turned by Tim McGill.

Assembled and turned my first Flame pen yesterday. I’ve been wanting to try this kit for quite a while. The assembly was simple considering the 12 laser cut pieces that fit together like a puzzle. The instructions are well written and cover the topic well.  I applied thin CA glue to the blank after turning down to near final size. This is the stage that the pen is in right now. I hope to find time later this week to finish turning it.

Kit was purchased from Woodturningz.com, designed and manufactured by Kallenshaan Woods.

I’m lucky this pen isn’t pink and black or else my wife would be claiming it.  How many pens have you lost to your spouse after saying “Want to see the new pen I made?”?

Happy turning,

Completed Flame Pen by Tim McGill.

Updated 12-8-12

I completed the final turning and assembly a few days ago.  This pen has a real “Wow factor” to it. I was in an office meeting a couple of weeks ago and forgot my daily pen in the car so was using a standard issue pen. A coworker commented “That’s a mighty plain pen you have today.” Kinda of embarrassing for a pen guy to be caught without a good pen. I wish I’d had this pen with me.

If you have a chance to try this kit go for it. If you follow the instructions provided with the kit it’s hard to go wrong. The quality of the laser cutting and overall fit of the pieces is exceptional. This kit is a piece of art. Kudos to Ken Nelsen and his son at Kallenshaan Woods for a great design and craftsmanship.


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  1. David Kesler

    Looks great. Your example is inspiring. I’ve avoided inlay kits because of horror stories about small pieces being lost, etc.

    • Tim

      Hi David – The flame kit does have 12 pieces of blackwood that are fitted into the flame cutout, but the pieces are fairly large and easy to handle. The rubberbands provided with the kit make it easy to keep the parts in place while applying the glue. Being new to laser kits, this is one that I’d recommend starting with. But there are many to chose from. Take a look at Ken’s site http://www.kallenshaanwoods.com/
      Happy Turning

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