Gift Suggestions for Begineer and Experienced Pen Turners

Hello my fellow penturners and family,

If you’ve been nice this year then maybe some pen turning items will be in your stocking or under your tree. I sure hope that’s the case for me.  Here are a few suggestions from me and some of your supplier friends.

1. Woodturning Design magazine subscription

This is on my personal list this year (Hint, Hint! Honey I hope you see this.). I’ve picked up the last few issues from the newstand and have really enjoyed the balance of traditional wood turning projects to more niche projects, such as pens.  A large portion of the articles relate in some way, either directly or indirectly, to pen turning. You won’t find any other magazine with as much pen turning attention as Woodturning Design.

My reviews of previous issues can be read here.

2.  Pen kits and blanks from Bear Tooth Woods

Robin and Ernie from Bear Tooth Woods have the following items to recommend for penturners this year.  They carry a full selection of pen kits, blanks, and accessories to meet all your pen turning needs.

Sierra Gunmetal and Chrome pen kit
Baron Bright Copper Rollerball Pen kit
Golden Smoke Lava Acrylic Pen Blank
Fire Nebula Lava Explosion Acrylic Pen Blank
Bottle Stopper Double Blank – Citrine Water Mesh

3.  Laser Inlay kit from Kallenshaan Woods

The Nutcracker inlay kit is a great way to spend some time in the shop this holiday season. Make one for yourself or for friends and family. This guy is just waiting to be put together and enjoyed year-after-year.Close up Exploded view of all pieces Nutcracker Inlay Kit

4. Pen turning starter kit

If you have a begineer pen turner on your list then you will want to be sure they have everything needed to turn that first pen. Prepackaged starter kits are one approach but often times they include items you may already have or don’t need.  I recommend speaking with a representative of one of the pen kits suppliers to determine what you may need. There are many suppliers that will be happy to help you with this, the Penturning Supplier Directory list a few. If you have a local woodworking store they may be able to help as well.

Important Tip: If you purchase a new pen kit style, don’t forget the bushings and drill bit. Not having these items is like missing the batteries in a new toy, only worse since they’re not readily available at the local discount store…at least not in my area.

5.  Thumb Square for Marking Center of Small Blanks

This compact version of the center-marking square is perfect for pen turning. Great stocking stuffer!

If your looking for a compacted center finder to help drill those blanks on center, these are the ticket. The translucent color allows easy view of the top of the blank while marking.

If your looking for a compacted center finder to help drill those blanks on center, these are the ticket. The translucent color allows easy view of the top of the blank while marking.

These are available from Exotic Blanks. Check out their online store for lots of unique items as well as standard supplies.

6.  Free shipping from Arizona Silhouette

Barry at Arizona Silhouette is offering free shipping on orders over $69 until December 18th. No coupon needed.

7.  Gift Card to Woodturningz

Gift cards are perfect for any woodturner on your list. You get the joy of getting them a gift that you know they will enjoy, because they pick it out themselves. Any denomination is available. Woodturningz carries a large selection of pen turning supplies that will not disappoint.

9.  Books, Books, and Books

Amazon carries a good selection of woodturning and penturning books.  Here are some suggestions in Tree Branch Publishing Amazon Store.

Many of these books are also available from your favorite woodworking store or pen turning supplier.

10. Apparel and logo items

The Pen Turning Network put together a list of links to various sources of woodturning apparel and logo items.  See it here.

Closing thoughts

Hope you get some ideas from the suggestions above.  Please share any suggestions you have in the comments section below.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tim McGill


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