Parts of a Fountain Pen – Understanding the terms used.

Custom Fountain Pen crafted by Chris Manning. Photo used by permission.
Custom Fountain Pen crafted by Chris Manning. Photo used by permission.

Custom Fountain Pen crafted by Chris Manning. Photo used by permission.

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First, thank you to Chris Manning for providing the above photo for this article. This pen is a great example of high-end custom pen making. You can see more of his work at Silver Hand Studios.

I’m just beginning the journey into custom pen making and I’ve quickly realized that even though I’ve turned kit-style fountain pens, I really don’t know squat about fountain pens. For custom fountain pen making, this is a real problem when trying to determine what to buy for parts and equipment. I have a general idea of the basic parts: nib, pen body, cap, clip; but what the heck is a section? What is a converter? ….and the list goes on.

Fortunately, there are online resources provided by experienced pen makers to help advance the art and also great examples to inspire us.

The Goulet Pen Company

One really good resource is from Brian Goulet, owner of The Goulet Pen Company. Brian started out as a pen turning like many of us here and later expanded into custom fountain pens. You can read more about Brian’s story here. Brian produces videos to help others learn about fountain pens. Check out his video on the parts of a fountain pen.

Brian has many other great videos, so go to YouTube and subscribe to his channel so you don’t miss any of his new videos.

Thank you Brian for granting permission to use this video.

The Fountain Pen Network

Another great resource is The Fountain Pen Network. See information about the anatomy of fountain pens here.

The Custom Pen Artist Group (Facebook)

This is another great resource for inspiration and assistance on your projects. Check it out here.


These are just a few of the resources available. Now matter where you get your information, good luck on all your pen turning adventures.

Tim McGill

If you have resources that have been helpful to you, please share in the comments.

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