Reclaimed Materials

The materials listed below are reclaimed or repurposed into wood turning stock. The beauty of these products and the embedded history within the material will make your project truly unique.

Pen Blanks:
Pen turners love to use unique materials to craft into writing pens. Additional, their customers love to hold a piece of history and share “the story” with others.

Bethlehem Olivewood – This wood is obtained from the pruning of olive wood trees in Israel. Pens from this wood are very popular with customers due to the strong religious connection and overall beauty. It’s available from several suppliers: Bethlehem Olive Wood or any of the main suppliers listed on my Pen Turning Suppliers page.

State Tree pen blank – In the United States each state has a tree species that is selected to represent that state. For example, in Iowa the state tree is the Oak. The available of wood from the state tree species will vary depending on if the tree is common to the lumber industry or is considered ornamental. Check with local lumber suppliers or fellow pen turners for this material. For more information on state trees see or

Ancient Kauri – This wood is reclaimed from the swamps of New Zealand. The most common color is a golden brown with beautiful iridescence, however other colors are present. It’s available from Woodturningz, WoodcraftThe Woodturners Studio (New Zealand), Pacific Hardwoods, William Wood-Write Ltd., AncientWoods.

Bog Oak – Salvaged oak from the depths of the peat bogs. This wood has be preserved for thousands of years and is ready for a new life. It’s available from Woodturningz, Rockler, and William Wood-Write Ltd.

Whiskey Barrel blanks -Pen blanks cut from the barrel staves of some of the finest whiskey available. Select from brands Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey and others. Pen blanks cut from these brands of whiskey are available from Woodturningz. Additional sources of various whiskey barrel blanks are Exotic Blanks, and Rockler.

Shredded Money blanks -Old US paper currency is destroyed by means of shredding when it is deemed by the US Government as no longer usable. The shredded strips are cast in resin as a ready to turn pen blank. These are available from Woodturningz, Wood-N-Whimsies, Arizona Silhouette, and Exotic Blanks.


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