Woodturning Design – August 2013 – Issue #44

Woodturning Design - August 2013 - Issue #44

Woodturning Design – August 2013 – Issue #44

Hi to my fellow pen turners.

The August issue of Woodturning Design (Issue #44) continues the discussion of how to turn a pine cone pen (part two) and introduces new articles on pen turning and other related projects. One of my favorite items in this issue is the artist spotlight on Richard Kennedy.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Woodturning Design magazine yet, here’s what you’re missing from August’s issue.

Pinecone Pen – Part 2 by Raymond Sprouse

Pinecone Pen - Raymond Sprouse

Pinecone Pen – Raymond Sprouse

Part Two – If you followed the instructions in Part One you should have a pine cone pen blank ready to cut to the required length for your pen kit and drill. In this portion of the article Raymond provides tips on how to drill the blank and turn down to desired size. In Part 3 (October Issue #45) Raymond describes how to apply a CA finish and assembly the pen.

About Raymond – Woodturner since 1999. What started out as a simple hobby and born of necessity, he started turning table legs and other furniture to furnish his house, quickly became a passion for spending time at the lathe. He has sold pieces to collectors in over 25 countries on 6 continents.

Raymond has several woodturning articles published in Woodturning Design magazine. The first article is a tutorial on building a shop made pen squaring jig and can be found in issue # 37. The second article is on creating a pen made from a paperback book and is found in issue # 38. The third article is on making pens from pine cones. This was split into 3 separate issues #43, #44, and #45.

Vist Raymond at www.rizaydog.webs.com

So You Want to be a Pen Turner by Kurt Hertzog


Penturning is a funny segment of woodturning. There are woodturners who turn pens and penturners who turn only pens. They really fall into two separate and unique categories.

Written as a teaser into penturning, this article explains the basic requirements for penturning, what’s “important” and “what’s not”. If you read Kurt’s previous article Pen Turning Myths in Feb. 2013 Issue 41 then you might remember him making similar points on areas of penturning that may not be as important as you are led to believe by some.

Great article, interesting reading that provided me with some insights to some areas that I hadn’t really thought much about. If you are a newbie, then don’t miss it. For you more experienced folks, take a look. I think you will enjoy reading what Kurt has to offer on this topic.

About Kurt – A professional woodturner, Kurt enjoys the continuum of woodturning from making his own turning tools to photographing his finished turnings. He is a frequent demonstrator and instructor on all facets of woodturning, he particularly enjoys teaching tool sharpening, workholding, and advanced penmaking.

Kurt writes two regular feature columns for Woodturning Design Magazine and a series for Woodturning Magazine. You can see the range of his work on www.kurthertzog.com, and on www.penmakersguild.com.

Bob’s One-Pagers by Bob Gibbs

New series to Woodturning Desing; in this short how-to article Bob describes and illustrates how to make a pen using the seedpod from Golden Medallion Tree. He uses exopy as the filler, but casting resin would be another good choice. While this particular tree may not be in your region, perhaps other trees with seedpods are. For example, here in Iowa the Honey Locust tree is fairly common.

Other stuff of interest

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button? by Wes Demarest

This article showcases an opportunity to apply woodturning skills to other small projects in addition to pen turning. While this article focuses on creating various types of buttons, the techniques can also be used to create other items, in particular the disc shape on some of the bookmark kits, golf marker kits, or a simple frig magnet.

A Dotted Bangle by John Beaver

Bangles are a great project to expand into from penturning. John does a great job with describing the process of turning a bangle and achieving precise looking dots around the perimeter.

Designer Showcase featuring…Richard Kennedy

One of my favorite bowl designs incorporate tree themes. Richard has several tree theme art on display. You can see some of his work featured in this issue or check out my recent posting for more information. Treebowl Turned Art by Richard Kennedy

Thanks for reading. Coming soon is review of October 2013 issue. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Happy turning,
Tim McGill

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