Woodturning Design – December 2013 – Issue #46

Woodturning Design - December 2013 - Issue #46
Woodturning Design - December 2013 - Issue #46

Woodturning Design – December 2013 – Issue #46

Hi to my fellow pen turners.

The December issue of Woodturning Design (Issue #46) continues the discussion of Words to Turn By and introduces new articles on pen turning and other related projects.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Woodturning Design magazine yet, here’s what you’re missing from December’s issue.

Woodturning with Decorative Metals by Charles Mak

Scratch Awl - By Charles Mak (Woodturning Design Magazine - Issue #46)

Scratch Awl – By Charles Mak (Woodturning Design Magazine – Issue #46)

Soft metals can be incorporated into your woodturning projects to add that special accent. In this article Charles shows us how he used small aluminum rods to add decorative metal dots in the handle of a scratch awl.

He chose aluminum for this project as it accented the chrome finish. Brass, copper, and silver are also good choices for soft metals.

The techniques used for this scratch awl can be applied to many other small woodturning project, including pens. Don’t miss the Working With Soft Metals tips in the sidebar at the end of the article.

About Charles Mak – A woodworker and woodturner, Charles also enjoys teaching and writing. He is a member of the AAW and has contributed articles there as well.

Charles is also the co-author of article on making a Celtic Cross Bowl.


Questions from the Mailbag by Kurt Hertzog

kurthertzog2Answers to questions from readers on drilling pen blanks is featured in this article. Kurt discusses solutions to how to used a drill press with limited quill travel, correcting sloppy holes that lead to poor fitting tubes, and preventing your drill bit from wandering off center. This article is definitely worth the read, even for more experienced turners.


Product Review – Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit by Kurt Hertzog

Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit

Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit

This kit is offered by rotur and is sold through Planet Plus. It is a complete mandrel and pen turning kit for 7mm & 10mm kits. It includes an adjustable mandrel using a dust-free collet, drill bits, barrel trimmer, and bushings.

The Universal Deluxe Mandrel Penturning Kit is a well-made, complete package for the penturner. Billed “for the penturning professional,” it certainly fills that niche. It is fully equipped and has unique features, such as the dust-free collet area. I found that it not only worked flawlessly with all that I put it though, but I also had an appreciation of the workmanship that went into the design and manufacture. – Kurt Hertzog

About Kurt – A professional woodturner, Kurt enjoys the continuum of woodturning from making his own turning tools to photographing his finished turnings. He is a frequent demonstrator and instructor on all facets of woodturning, he particularly enjoys teaching tool sharpening, workholding, and advanced penmaking.

Kurt writes two regular feature columns for Woodturning Design Magazine and a series for Woodturning Magazine. You can see the range of his work on www.kurthertzog.com, and on www.penmakersguild.com.

Bob’s One-Pagers by Bob Gibbs

In this single page article with example photos, Bob shows how to make unique pen designs using small triangle sections of Dymondwood and Colorwood. He also shows pens made from cast seed pods and embedded objects such as cross-section of electrical wire nuts. Let your imagination run wild!

About Bob Gibbs – A penturner in Southern California. Bob is active in the Freedom Pens Project, turning over a thousand pens a year for the effort. Bob’s One-Pager is a regular feature column for Woodturning Design Magazine.

Other stuff of interest

Words to Turn By – Part 2 by Robert Gulley

Woodturning has its own language. Robert provides some definitions for common words used in the industry. Definitely worth the read.

Felt Lined Pen Boxes by John D. Williams

John makes a different kind of pen box than the traditional hinged design. This design is more of a sleeve, based on the principles of a turned box. In this article he shows how to add a felt liner to the turned box.

For information on how to make a turned pen box, see John’s article from Issue #38 (August 2102) titled Drilled Boxes on the Lathe.


Thanks for reading. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Happy turning,
Tim McGill

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